Arbor Day 2023

Celebrating the American Chestnut

Events open to the public

Tuesday April 16, 2024 Heiser Auditorium and KOTV

          7:15 pm, Screening of the documentary Clear Day Thunder: Rescuing the American Chestnut

Tuesday, April 25, 2024

          10:00 am, Lecture Heiser Auditorium

                     Chestnuts in America, Greg Miller, Ph.D.

           1:00 pm Chestnut Walk on Wildflower Hill (weather permitting)

                     Meet on perimeter path between Lots 4 and 5

                     Path may be muddy, wear waterproof footware

           2:00 pm American Chestnut Planting, Wildflower Hill (weather permitting

About our speaker:

Greg MillerGreg Miller, Ph.D. is renowned for his four decades of experience and expertise growing chestnuts. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Forestry Improvements and Genetics by Iowa State University. In addition to owning and operating The Empire Chestnut Company, a part of the Route 9 Cooperative, he has been a fierce advocate for the many species of chestnuts. He has served on the board of The American Chestnut Foundation, a national organization whose mission is "to restore the American chestnut to its native range." He is the founding president of the Ohio chapter of the Foundation and currently serves on its board of directors. Although he grows and sells chestnuts, he has made important contributions to the scientific literature on the nutritional aspects of chestnuts from different chestnut species, the effect of seed weight on the vigor of the Chinese chestnut,descriptions of various chestnut cultivars and others.
Dr. Miller's visit is sponsored, in part, by a grant from the Ohio Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation. Logo courtesy of The American Chestnut Foundation

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