Walks and Maps

Click here to view Kendal Campus Map

Click here to link to download a pdf copy of the text guide to the Heiser Circle Tree Walk.

A new GIS map has been constructed to show the trees on the Heiser Circle Tree Walk, the Commemorative Trees, benches and blue bird boxes. It is based on the Lorain County Auditor's 2020 map of the county. Thus it does not show changes around the entrance to the Heiser Community Center or new garages at parking area 7, This aerial map is more current than the aerial used by ArborScope. [Note the software that created the map does not always migrate tree-specific tokens correctly. That is why the legend, seen by clicking the "stack of papers" shows a star with a yellow center whereas the map shows a circle with a yellow center. To view a the text describing the Tree Walk with links to other resources click on Heiser Circle Tree Walk. The links shown on pop-ups that appear when you click on tree tokens can be viewed from the interactive text.]

Click here to view tree data and the ArborScopeTM Map

An ArborScopeTM instructional video is here.

Click here to view Farmers Pond - Renovation or Farmers Pond Map

Click to find Tree Locator, this feature also present for many trees on Arboretum GIS MAP

Oaks at Kendal: Under construction but see outline of plans here.