Walks and Maps

Click here to view Kendal Campus Map

Click here to link to download a pdf copy of the text guide to the Heiser Circle Tree Walk. The guide has clickable links to other resources. The Heiser Circle Tree walk is one of many layers visible on the GIS map referenced below

A new geographical information systems (GIS) map that is based on the Lorain County Auditor's spring 2024 aerial is now available. This high-resolution image of the campus contains additional layers depicting various trees in the collection. Click here to open the map. (The map may be slow to load as the aerial file is large). Map layers include the updated Heiser Circle Tree Walk showing Franklin trees (discovered by Bartram), Commemorative Trees, chestnut hybrids and native American chestnuts, a part of our collaboration with the State University of New York at Syracuse Department of Environmental Sciences and Forestry. Click and unclick boxes in the legend to display or hide layers. The + and - signs control the zoom. There is also a measure feature and a user's position feature for cell phone users.

Additional descriptions of the map are shown on the Kendal GIS Map Legend page.

Click here to view the digital map of the collection created by ArborScopeTM Note, the aerial view of the campus on this map is around 8 years old and thus does not show campus features that have been changed since then.

An ArborScopeTM instructional video is here.

Click here to view Farmers Pond - Renovation or Farmers Pond Map

For a map of the Oaks at Kendal collection see layer on the GIS Map above.  For associated text click here Oaks at Kendal