Farmers Pond - Renovation

Farmers Pond Restoration

farmers pond sunrise

The enhancement of Farmer’s Pond began in 2015 after the completion of a design and obtaining the necessary permits. The contract to do the work was awarded to MAD Scientist Associates, LLC., headquartered in Westerville, OH, an environmental consulting firm specializing in wetlands. After fish and other wildlife were moved to other parts of the Kendal campus, reshaping of the pond was undertaken using GPS-guided equipment.MAD Kendal ConstructionC

The restoration created two islands that offer sanctuary to wildlife. The pond filled slowly with runoff water from the campus. Around 4000 separate plugs of 28 species of native wetland and prairie plants were given a new home in and around the pond by the MAD Scientist team.MAD KendalPlantingCMAD KendalPlantedC

The planting plan was tailored to the specific contours and conditions of the newly refurbished pond. Plants with the ability to compete with invasive species were favored. On a review most of the plantings were doing well, including soft-stem bullrush, sedges, and arrowhead. Click here to view the planting plan.view from outlook pier
Trees and shrubs, collectively known as woody plants, were planted in the final phase of the restoration. This final planting included 5 different species of trees, Red Maple, River Birch, Paw Paw, Bald Cyprus, and Pin Oak, and 3 species of shrubs, Ninebark, Swamp Rose, and Buttonbush. The location of the trees and shrubs is shown on the geographical information systems map. In 2019 residents and visitors will be able to watch these plants grow, birds feed and swim, or catch the occasional fish in this newly restored environment.
But, the work is not over. This new wetland needs care and attention to maintain design criteria. Purple loosestrife and cattails are the major threats. Loosestrife seeds may remain dormant in the soil for years. Cattails are difficult to eradicate because they reproduce via seeds and pond before
Grab a chair, sit on the outlook pier, and enjoy the restored Farmer’s pond after