Oaks at Kendal

Oaks at Kendal

Oaks make up a large number of species in the Quercus genus in The John Bartram Arboretum tree inventory. Many representatives of the genus are located around Heiser Boulevard and Heiser Circle. Thus, a short walk is sufficient to see them and note the features that are needed for an identification. Oaks are related to the beech family, or the Fagaceae, in the taxonomy of trees. Along with beeches, this family also includes the chestnuts that are planted on Wildflower Hill.

Featured oaks include:

Swamp white oak Quercus bicolor
White oak Quercus alba
Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpa
Quercus species an unknown fastigate
Pin oak grove Quercus palustris
Chinkapin oak Quercus muehlenbergii
Northern red oak Quercus rubra
Shingle oak Quercus imbricaria

The location of other oaks, including the invasive Sawtooth oak, can be found on the ArborScope page.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources booklet titled “Trees of Ohio, Field Guide” lists 11 different species of oaks. This free pdf guide can be downloaded from the ODNR website. As our collection expands we hope to add additional specimens to the oak collection.